Who I am and what I am sharing

I am Alexis Moon. An Intuitive, Healer, Guide and Aspiring Author. 

Love to interview people from all walks of life, sharing stories so we can all learn from one another.

When not madly mowing around the property in the bush, I offer support to souls on their journey, with readings, guidance, tapping into the possibilities available for us all. 

Magic lives all around us and it's up to us to discern what is best for us and what steps to take. We don't always have clarity and can see through our own stuff and this is where I can come in. 

Walking with you on this path, sharing hints and tips from a perspective outside of the norm.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Dream Interpretation offer - $15 written or voice message once you've described the dream you would like interpreted

3 Card Reading - $20 - Use of Oracle and Tarot cards to tune into what guidance is available. Short snapshot. Great for questions and specific situtations you wish to enquire about

30 minute Connection Call $80 - Looking for a friendly ear to vent to or guidance to work through something happening in your life, happy to chat and offer suggestions that may work for you.

Spirit Connection Calls - More in depth conversations and working through life situations beyond the surface. Entwining spiritual tools along with coaching and practical methods - $150 

Looking to book in?

See below to connect with my calendar.